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Last week, I had to SNOPE something on Facebook. It seemed too unreal in my realm of experience and knowledge to be true. The last few years have certainly taught me that my realm of existence isn’t everyone's it seems, so I SNOPED around for evidence. SNOPES is a fact-finding website that verifies or debunks rumors floating about, so I often snoop on SNOPES.

Thomas, I might call my own twin of the time, heard the news, but this time called on the ultimate source before clicking the share button.

I want to run down the street like Mary, shouting into every household, “He’s Alive!” one minute. The next, I wonder in my realm of experience, “Show me the real deal I’m to share with the world."

The Doors have been opened, no snoping around for truth necessary for He is risen and among us. Is it evident to you or neighbor? Will we find it? If so, where and how?

Let’s SNOPE around in the Good News from John 20:19-29 this Sunday, the second Sunday of Easter. And as always, no matter who you are, what you’ve done, what or if you believe, there is a space just for you.

Peace be with You,

Pastors Kerry (she, her, hers),  & Billie (she, her, hers)
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Paul Kirtley

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