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Book Study

Sept 27 @ 6 pm - online via Zoom  contact us for link information and Study Guide
Book Study
Our door is always open to anyone who would like to join us as we enter our third week! We meet in-person at the Ranger Creek Clubhouse. We are studying Marcus Borg’s landmark book, “Reading the Bible Again for the First Time." The aim of this study is to receive and hear life-giving words and prophetic truths that have been kept from many of us through the harmful use and abusive tactics of a "weaponized" Bible in many of our past experiences with scripture. We include discussion of the Clobber Passages with this study. "The book shows us how to encounter the Bible in a fresh, new way that rejects the limits of simple literalism and opens up the rich possibility of living a life of authentic faith." — Harper Collins Publishers

If interested in this study, and can only participate through ZOOM, please contact Pastor Kerry.
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