Nov 15, 2020

Nov 15, 2020    Rev. Billie Watts
This week, we begin a two-week focus on abundance and gratitude to ready our hearts and minds for Thanksgiving, which is now less than two weeks away.

My attention was drawn this week to a mosaic plate that sits on a hutch near my kitchen. On it is written one word: "Plenty." It is made from broken shards of old plates, mortared onto the base of a terra cotta drainage dish. It is heavy - too heavy to ever use. But I like it. It reminds me that God designed a world of plenty (abundance)- for everyone.

Perhaps this last year, you've had plenty...plenty of dissension, division, distress - enough to gag you. Me, too! Maybe we can belly up to the buffet bar that God has prepared...and realize again the abundance of goodness (God-ness) that has been prepared for us. (read Psalm 104 to whet your appetite).

Your "plate" is set at the Table of Grace. Come...God's abundance in on the menu.

Your co-hosts,
Billie (she, her, hers) & Kerry (she, her, hers)