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Dec 20, 2020

Dec 20, 2020    Rev. Kerry Kirtley

Our Advent theme this year is “I Believe Even When” as we “fill the night with music and light.” Based on a poem found anonymously written on the walls of a concentration camp during the Holocaust and combined with sacred Scripture, we will pray, sing, read, speak again of our belief in hope, love, joy, and peace – even when!

As we light the candle of Peace, we remember the LIFE- LIGHT that brings peace…..illuminating the places within our lives and creation where our view of God is obscured and the chaos thrives. As we light the candle of Peace, the “Great Light” has been voiced into our midst as the Word became flesh and dwells among us. Do we believe? Will we embody the peace and echo the voice in testimony having heard and seen and encountered God with us?

We invite you to bring your light into our gathering if you are able to join us…we are saving a place for YOU!

Kerry (she, her, hers) & Billie (she, her, hers)