Nov 8, 2020

Nov 8, 2020    Rev. Billie Watts    Post election Sunday
It has been an exhausting, tumultuous week for all of us. The heaviness we feel may linger a while, regardless of the outcome. As one writer stated, the hoped-for moral repudiation for reprehensible behavior did not happen.*

Little did we know how the letter to the Thessalonians would speak so vividly to us during this election season. As we gather this week, it is not business as usual. Whether we are in a state of lament or celebration, we know there is a healing needed that will require time and intention - a labor of love, revolutionary love. As Valerie Kaur shared with us a few weeks ago, we must tend the wounds in others as we tend our own. It is a high calling indeed as we ask ourselves, "Who have we not yet loved?"

Sunday begins a time of such intentional work for us as we move towards a better 2021. We cannot delay. We follow the Christ who sought to liberate the oppressed and the oppressors. Let's hold hands - and keep going on. We can't do this without you - so we have saved a place just for you.

Grace & Peace, Billie (she, her, hers), & Kerry (she, her, hers)

Photo by Ivo Raeber on Unsplash