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Nov 7, 2021

Nov 7, 2021    Rev. Kerry Kirtley

NOV. 7, 2021
Pastor Kerry
Grace, gratitude, gifts and generosity: God in action
In the coming weeks Touchstone will take another step as a growing new church-start as we affirm and accept the developed bylaws and constitution. In that affirmation we have the opportunity to make decisions on how each of us wants to participate in the life and ministry of God’s church we call home.
How will we offer ourselves and our gifts in gratitude for the grace of God flowing in and through us as a community of faith living the good news of Christ in the world?
Knowing Jesus is always bringing a new message of hope and life for all, how do we make decisions in our giving that reflect the alternative new way Jesus taught and lived?
This week we consider the poor widow making visible a kind of generosity in her religious community in a way Jesus could not overlook or ignore.
Our donation plate isn’t on display, but our offerings speak loudly about who we are as a beloved community: seeking justice, loving mercy, walking humbly (yet boldly), and giving ourselves to God in gratitude for gifts and grace received.
SCRIPTURE: Mark 12:28-34 (The first commandment)
We are saving a place just for you... join us!
Peace always, Pastor Kerry (she/her/her