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Sept 26, 2021

Sep 26, 2021    Rev. Kerry Kirtley

Our text begins with “Are any of you suffering?” The answer I whispered immediately under my breath, audible to God alone, was “well, what do you think? Just look at us!”

To know it is the year 2021, and we still suffer from a deadly illness that identities itself, in part, by the year 2019, and knowing we needn’t be suffering so, leads us to a great moral injury that is gushing right now. Our sense of morality, as identified by the way of Christ, is challenging us and unrecognizable in community.

This week we re-align ourselves and dig deeper into the effectiveness and power of prayer to heal and raise up the people of God on the path to wholeness. Our life-giving text from a God still speaking comes from James 5:13-20.

Let us gather and participate together in the power of love expressed in prayer, that always makes way for grace to flow, and life abundant to flourish. We are one in love and there is always space for you, no matter who you are, what you've done, who you love, what you believe, we will always greet you with "welcome home beloved!"

Peace, Pastor Kerry (she/her/hers)